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Thank you for using our online form to contact us regarding the recent Duncan Hines recall. Please visit our website at to access our press release with all the details.
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Section 1 – Case Operation
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**Section 4 – Notes

If you are contacting us regarding a concern, please complete the following questions to provide us with additional insight.
Section 5 – Packaging Questions
Did Packaging appear damaged before use? When was the product first opened?
If applicable, explain damage and coordinate retrieval? Where was product stored prior to and after opening?
Section 6 – Preparation Questions
Please list all kitchen utensils used to prepare the product(s). Check All That Apply Explain Other:
Did you prepare the product as directed on the label? Did you consume the product immediately after cooking/preparing?
What, if anything, did you add to the product?
Section 7 – Illness Questions
Describe nature of the illness: Do you experience food allergies and/or food sensitivities?
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List "Other" Food Allergies/Sensitivites: Please list any pre-existing medical conditions you have:
How soon after ingesting the product did the symptoms occur? Have you eaten this specific product/flavor before?
How long after onset of the illness did the symptoms last? Did you experience an issue with your prior use?
In the 48 hours leading up to the illness you experienced, what other food/beverages were consumed? Have the symptoms you reported resolved?
Describe current condition? If we need additional information, would it be okay if a member of our team contacts you?
Did anyone else in the household eat the product? Did anyone else experience a concern?
Section 8 – Outcome Questions
How did you treat your experience? If "At Home", please describe at home treatment in detail, including all medications taken:
Please describe the medical attention given to you in detail, including all medications prescribed: How long after the incident occurred did you begin treatment?
After seeking medical attention, what are the next steps